About Corvus Guitar Works

My first guitar build came about in around 1989 from needing a superstrat type but not having the cash to buy new, and a being encouraged by a friend. It had a straight-through neck and body wood from church doors and was far from perfect but served well for a long time. I have gigging, touring and recording experience and have played all over the UK. As such functionality and reliability is every bit as important in Corvus builds as visual aspects.

Attention to detail and quality of the end result is key to guitars bearing the Corvus Guitar Works name. I can advise on component selection for the best reliability and sonic results, and also can work within a set budget to achieve the best possible outcome.

All guitar styles and ideas are welcome whether traditional reproductions or a custom variation on them or modern rock machines. For example current builds include a tremolo-equipped Firebird-derivation, a semi-hollow LP shape with P90s and a double-bound Tele-style.

Some playing clips:

I also love old motorbikes and cars, hot rods & customs, which is where I learnt to paint and how to use a variety of different paint finishing systems. You can see some examples here. So you can choose nitro for tradition and faster ageing, or poly (catalysed urethane, 2k) for resiliance.

If you fancy having something unique to you, or a retake of something classic or something altogether new, feel free to get in touch.

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