From a basic to a full in-depth process.
Quick turnaround times.

Refinishing / repaint

Nitro and two-pack, urethane, 'poly'. Flake and candy and pearl custom paint to trad schemes.


From hardware changes to fretboard re-radius, neck re-profiling.


Taking care of problems little or large, to full rebuild and restoration.

Custom builds

Whether you want something classic or modern, a mix of your own ideas and specs, get in touch.  No boundaries – anything goes, whatever style.


Often a basic setup will improve a guitar greatly, regardless of it’s brand or price. Setting action, intonation and adjusting top nut slotting can turn a guitar that you fight to play, into a joy.

A setup includes action, truss rod adjustment/relief, intonation, bridge adjustment, nut check/adjustment, pickup adjustment and fret polish.
I also go round the hardware checking everything is in place, tighened up correctly and working.

You’ll be provided with a worksheet and “advisories” on anything to watch that might need future attention.


All paint types are available, including nitro and ‘poly’ which is usually two-pack or urethane, often with a 1k acrylic layer. I am fully setup with pressure-fed breathing and extraction to handle ‘poly’ or two-pack.
Flake and candy, pearlescents, vintage-style traditional schemes, cool modern style – all are available.

‘Paint by post’ is possible – I have sent paint jobs to owners around the UK, from Cornwall to Glasgow.

Mod and repairs

Most things undertaken from small changes of hardware to full resto/rebuild.

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