FBX family guitars

Springing from the fabulous Gibson Firebird, a particular personal favourite – these builds can evolve in any number of different ways.

Specs & options

Number of pickups: 1, 2 or 3
Pickup type: mini-humbucker, humbucker, P90, Filtertron and others
Body timber: chosen with customer
Neck timber: typically laminated for stability
Fretboard wood: chosen with customer
Scale length: 24.75″, 25″
Fret size: medium jumbo as standard, but any size available. Nickel-silver, Jescar EVO gold and stainless are options.
Hardware: Gotoh, CTS, Switchcraft as standard, anything else available on request.
Case: our FB-X’s use a shorter and shallower headstock which opens up the choice of available cases or gig bags compared to traditional Firebird cases


Dependent on spec/design/materials. Starting from £2400.

FBX: Trembird

The obvious feature here is a 2-post floating trem, and a base/pure white colour. With extremely light-weight woods (cedrela in the main) this one weighs in at 6lbs 1oz which is very light for a Firebird-type guitar.
The fretboard is locally-sourced bog oak thought to be around 5,200 years old. Evo Gold frets and paua shell inlays.
Thehumbuckers were custom hand-wound in the UK to our spec, are quite low-wind, and have fantastic clarity and airy tone. The neck pickup has a three-way switch for series, split and parallel modes.
The trem has a custom-made lightweight block with a screw-in plus nylon locator, to eliminate any chance of ‘slop’.

FBX: Tronbird

This guitar has body wings in beautiful black limba, which is hard to find in this quality, being a very unpredictable wood.
The inner core and the neck features walnut, white limba, sapele and wenge and purpleheart layers and veneers.
Purpleheart forms various details like the control cover, trussrod cover and other accent points and layers.
The pickup is a medium-hot Filtertron, custom wound in the UK. It has fuller midrange than traditional Filtertrons, still giving the fabulous cleans they are known for but being able to drive amps and pedals hard.

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