For sale: TCX strawberry



6lb 5oz


Red alder with maple and padauk accent strip
7-piece binding/purfling
Flame maple top
39mm thick

Maple with padauk-walnut-maple centre laminations
Rosewood board with paua inlays
22 medium jumbo frets, Jescar nickel-silver
25.5″ scale, 12″ radius, 44mm bone nut
Medium C-type, approx 22.5mm & 23.5mm
Binding & purfling
Dual-action truss rod heel adjust (no need to move anything for access)

Pickups & hardware
Bareknuckle Brown Sugar bridge, TVJ Magnatron
Gotoh cut-down bridge and InTune saddles
Grainger ferrule block
Split-post tuners
CTS & Switchcraft electrics


TC-X: The Strawberry

Slimline at 39-40mm and light and lively, and very comfortable to play. None of the hard slabbiness of a traditional Tele.
The neck heel is almost ‘invisible’ to the hand. The slimmer body also helps in less heel to contend with.
The neck Magnatron is something like a Strat/P90 cross perhaps but noiseless, clear and responsive.
The paint is 2k and has sunk slightly into the grain in some areas. Contrary to popular belief this paint does not need to be super-thick, and it does sink over time.
There is a slight finish dent in the neck close to the heel area, this is slight and hard to see.
Slight buffing burn-through on one edge of the control cavity. This is minor and most people wouldn’t notice unless pointed out. It has been patched in.
Reduced price due to the small neck finish indent and the above cavity incident..

£2150 posted with hardcase
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