From a basic to a full in-depth process.
Quick turnaround times.

Refinishing / repaint

Nitro and two-pack, urethane, 'poly'. * Currently not taking bookings due to weight of work *


Pickup and hardware changes, routing, custom replacement necks ...


Taking care of problems little or large, to full rebuilds and vintage restorations.

Custom builds

Whether you want something classic or modern, a mix of your own ideas and specs, please get in touch.

Setups, fret-levelling, top nuts

A standard setup includes action, truss rod adjustment/relief, intonation, bridge adjustment, nut check/adjustment, pickup adjustment and fret polish.
Hardware is checked and tightened or adjusted where needed.
You’ll be provided with a worksheet and ‘advisories’ on anything to watch that might need future attention.

£45 including strings, £40 + bring your own brand strings
Fret-levelling including setup: £120
New top nut supplied, installed and slotted to suit: £40.


Refret prices start from £230.
Add £45 for stainless frets. Please note, Jescar Evo Gold is no longer being made.
Sometimes a maple fretboard will need refinishing either partially or complete, allow £40-£75 in this case.


Please talk to Keith at Imperial Guitars for any and all acoustic work.


* currently not taking in new bookings due to weight of work *

Nitro and ‘poly’ are both available, in as-new or aged/relic finish.
Flake and candy, pearlescents and metallics are available.
‘Paint by post’ is possible, I have sent paint jobs to owners around the UK.

Bolt-on body strip & refinish from £350.
Set-neck guitar strip & refinish from £600.
Hollowbody guitar strip & refinish from £750.

Paint chip repair – this is not something we undertake, sorry.

Mods, wiring, pickups and hardware

If you want pickup swaps and new wiring looms, please use the contact page and get in touch. With many possible variations it’s best to detail what you have and what you want doing. These works are generally costed on an hourly rate basis, plus hardware costs,

Vintage restorations

We have resurrected vintage guitars and basses. Some were relatively light in repairs needed, others have been abused, cracked and fairly heavily damaged.
To enquire about a restoration project, please use the Contact page.

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